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AMD Phenom II untuk notebook !!!

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  • AMD Phenom II untuk notebook !!!

    Untuk bersaing dengan Intel i3/i5/i7 Notebook, AMD mengeluarkan Phenon II versi notebook. Konsumen akan dapat memilih antara Intel core i3 dengan graphics terintegrasi dengan AMD Phenom II X3 Tricore. Intel akan menawarkan efisiensi power karena sudah menggunakan 32nm. Sementara AMD akan menawarkan Graphics yang powerfull dan lebih bertenaga disetiap aplikasi berkat VGA ATI Radeon & kelebihan core.

    AMD Phenom II notebook processors expected in May 2010

    AMD has scheduled the launch of its Phenom II notebook processors for May 2010. The Danube platform will feature the RS880M chipset, the same one that is used by the Tigris platform, but it will feature the new SB820M southbridge. That chip supports fourteen USB 2.0 ports, two USB 1.1 ports, six SATA 6Gbps ports with RAID support, Gigabit Ethernet, and advanced clock generator. Unfortunately, the platform will not support USB 3.0.
    It is noteworthy that at present AMD does not plan to release a chipset without integrated graphics for Danube: the AMD M870 (RX881) is only supported by current-generation Tigris platform. Obviously, notebook makers will still be able install discrete graphics processor into Danube notebooks. However, it is rather strange that AMD insists on integrated graphics on a platform that is intended to bring higher performance to the market. Perhaps, integrated graphics is needed in order to claim total support for general purpose GPU computing (GPGPU) by ATI Radeon graphics core via ATI Stream technology.
    Most of AMD's Dunabe platform are based on the K10 architecture, but a couple of low-end models will stick with a K9-based core. You can find more details at X-bit Labs.

    Info dari WIKIPEDIA

    Info dari xbitlabs

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    Re: AMD Phenom II untuk notebook !!!

    nice info, harga tentunya lebih bersaing nih dibanding core i series


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      Re: AMD Phenom II untuk notebook !!!

      wuih akhirnya keluar juga niy procie buat notebooknya, mudah2an aja dapat bersaing deh


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        Re: AMD Phenom II untuk notebook !!!

        jangan2 yang triple core juga bisa diunlock lagi. kalo iya pesen 1 nih