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Galaxy note gt-n7000 bricked

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  • Galaxy note gt-n7000 bricked

    Cuma mau share, G-NOTE GT-N7000 gw bricked, udah coba revive dengan beberapa metode dari forum2 luar tapi tetap tidak sempurna... Ini gw copas dari thread yang gw bikin di forum luar (mana tau dapet solusi/bisa meng-inspirasi yang punya masalah sama)...

    Pardon my Engrish ya Guys...

    Hi Guys...

    I got a Galaxy Note GT-N7000, and its been more than a week i tried to revived it using the any method i've found in this great forum.

    So let me tell u guys the stories of my Note :

    1. It was always updated OTA so the last ROM i used is Indonesian Note ICS 4.0.4
    2. One day (last Friday) while i was browsing Internet using it, it suddenly got very hot, and the battery seems like draining very fast
    3. In the mid day it reboot by its self, and entering countless reboot... a never ending reboot
    4. So i tried to enter recovery, and yes sadly i've might triggered the emmc bugs by doing factory reset. But i'm not sure i've done it or not, coz i've a CWM recovery installed.
    5. Anyway then i tried to flash stock room found in dr.ketan's thread...many thanks to him for those collection using PC ODIN and i got the "factoryfs" stuck problem
    6. I also tried to flash countless kernel over and over, tried install Stock GB and ICS, tried RocketROM, CM10 and it all failed. In dowload mode i still got a Stock Firmware installed. So any ROM i've tried to install using Kernel didn't succed.
    7. So i decided to take it to Samsung Service Center nearby, and i found that my battery is BAD, it wont charge (wonder would it because of the battery i got that problem in the first place). Since i got this Note for around 8 months, and the warranty for the battery is 6, the make me bought the new one, ordered and available in 2 days.
    8. So I get back to the service center, put the new battery restarted the phone, and it stop on samsung logo (no yellow triangle there). So I complained, and they look into it, and said we may try to install new software, but there's a risk that your Note got damaged. They said the risk is mine and they wont have any responsible for it.
    9. So furiously i bargain about my Warranty (12 month), coz the said that i've updated the ROM my self, so i explained to them that it was OTA's update, all i do was press YES, and they said even OTA official update will cancel my warranty. Its getting weird, i got angrier and they just said its their company procedure so there's nothing they can do to help me. So Samsung Indonesia will cancel warranty for every attempt to update the ROM OTA's, only their service center is allowed to do so. Wasted my valuable working hours there...
    10. So i get back, determined i officially will do anything to get this Note life back. So i started to look at Forrest1971 (many thanks to him) thread about bricked note and tried many kernel and got one working with adb (T-Kernel V0.9) doing the checking and found faulty partition 9 and 10 and doing the step and finally got the partition fixed. Lost 3GB of space.

    Then here came the real problem :

    1. Still wont work with ODIN, stuck at Factoryfs with stock ROM GB N7000DXLC2_N7000OLBLC2_N7000DXLC1_HOME.tar and ICS N7000DXLR5_N7000OLBLR2_N7000DXLR1_HOME.tar. But working fine flashing Kernel so my guess it is not the connection problem. I've tried on 1 PC, 2 Laptops, 2 OS (Win7 32bit and WinXP 32 bit) still the same.

    2. Then i tried to flashing via Kernel (CWM, Abyss, T-Kernel, CM9 Safe Kernel) i got to do trial and error coz not all ROM can be installed using any given Kernel. Seems that T-Kernel v0.9 is working for most of the ROM. Sorry i didn't keep note about the kernel-rom coupling. Here is the list of ROM i've tried :
    cm-9.1.0-n7000 + gapps-ics-20120429-signed
    cm-10-20121209-NIGHTLY-n7000 + gapps-ics-20120429-signed
    RocketROM v2 XXLS7_stock_odexed
    SuperNexus-N7000-BUILD5-20121017 + gapps-jb-20121011-signed

    3. All of those ROM came out with the same problem :
    - Freezing on the Samsung/Mod Logo Screen (Got very HOT)
    - Entering the "Andoid is Upgrading" and then updating Apps but stuck at random number (# of ###) (Got very HOT), i've tried to wait overnight but stay on the same number
    - Succeeded boot up but Freeze after couple of minute (Got very HOT)

    4.All those problem seems happened randomly, but most of the time it happened like this :
    Stuck and Logo Screen - Reboot by me - Stuck and Upgrading - Reboot by me - Boot fine, but freeze very soon - Reboot by me, and back to the Logo stuck... (but still sometime its just random), the only thing same that it got very hot.

    5. This is my last resort, i'll try to flash Supernexus, CM9 or CM10 without the GApps. Now i'm on Supernexus ROM, not yet freeze while i'm typing this. But without the GApps i wont have G-Play, and cant reinstall Apps that i bought in G-Play. Dilemma...

    So any thoughts or advices will be greatly appreciated...
    I really like this phone, wish i can revived this phone...

    Thanks B4 for any comment...
    Dan Update terakhir :

    Well, i guess no one have the same problem here...

    I'm running the rocket ROM ICS right now, this is the one ROM that got me closer to "STABLE" state.
    Still got self reboot, most of the time when i'm using browser (Android, FF, Chrome), or after a long run on youtube or downloading something.

    I've also tried the PA Experia ROM by AmniX
    But it was worse than rocket ROM ICS, more likely have the same symptom with the CM9/10 i've tried.

    So seems like i've to manage to use this defect/handicapped gadget...

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    Re: Galaxy note gt-n7000 bricked

    itu di forum xda bro?

    kalo masalah garansi mungkin maksudnya dari Service Center Samsung itu karena bro udah utak-atik CWM di step 4 sebelum ke Samsung, tapi ini emang rada ngeselin, kalo gw bakal gw maki karena alasannya rada goblok sih gara-gara update OTA gag boleh. (Lain kali minta panggil managernya aja bro kalo alasannya ngga bisa diterima)

    Melihat progress bro dias udah berhasil flash beberapa ROM tetapi freeze dan baterai jadi panas saya curiga ada hardware yang bermasalah.

    Solusi sementara sih kalau sudah berhasil CM 10 ya install GApps-nya aja bro, flash CM 10 + GApps, dan semoga berhasil.

    Untuk info aja, saya pernah boot gagal karena CWM yang dipakai tidak sesuai dengan ROM-nya (waktu itu galaxy tab), jadi saya harus install CWM versi baru dulu dan akhirnya berhasil. Jadi coba cari-cari info apakah CWM-nya sesuai atau tidak.
    Moga-moga dapat membantu
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      Re: Galaxy note gt-n7000 bricked

      beberapa catatan:
      1. bro bisa ke download mode -> brarti kalo softbrick hrsnya bisa dibetulin (kecuali kalo ada masalah hardware)
      2. samsung hrsnya nerima kalo update dr ota. palagi gk ada yellow triangle. coba ganti dulu ke recovery stocknya samsung, di odin kalo nda salah ada pilihannya, sama pindahin dulu ke all stock (rom, kernel, dsb). abis itu cara service center yg lain .
      3. coba di fix dulu it emmc bug nya. ada koq di xda (flash gingerbread dulu, dsb).. abis itu cari kernel yg terkenal aman nda ad emmc bug. ato ini sudah bro lakukan? itu yg partition fix maksudnya gmana? koq bisa lost 3 gB?
      4. android upgrading -> sebenarnya ini android lagi bikin (isi) dalvik-cache. nah saya nda tau galnote itu nyimpen dalvik-cache nya itu dmana (kemungkinan di tarok di /data), jadi kalo lama ato gagal ada kemungkinan partisi /data ini rusak. bisa sih mindahin lokasi dalvik-cache ke tempat lain (lwt init.d script)
      5. ya coba flash recovery versi lain..
      6. ada cara lain buat install play store selain dari gapps, bisa download sendiri playstore nya (market2 tidak resmi biasanya punya), copy play store (phonesky.apk ato vending.apk) nya ke hh, trus dipindahin via app cem root explorer, trus ganti permission nya, ato bahkan bro bisa mindahin isi gapps satu-satu.
      7. kondisi hh sebelum batere panas gmana bro? udah root kan.. trus kernel nya di ganti juga nda? soalnya punya pengalaman pakek kernel yg nda mw charge, saya pakek Sony sih (and it's so damn hard to bricked Sony devices ), tp saya juga punya pengalaman rooting, ganti rom, kernel, hh galaxy s2 ama s3 (yg saya rasa modding nya jauh lebih gampang drpd Sony devices, tp agak rentan, palagi musti sedia usb jig kalo knp2). jadi ada kemungkin kernel nya (partisi /boot) ad error, hrsnya pas ini coba ganti kernel dulu, jgn main langsung beli batere

      ud segitu aja. wkwk. sebenarnya kalo masalah software, betulin android itu mudah. tp kalo ada masalah hardware nya, ya service center jalan satu2nya.


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        Re: Galaxy note gt-n7000 bricked

        coba memakai metode yang disini ( masih forum yang sama diluar ).

        ada lagi (copas dari forum sebelah)

        How to Fix bricked Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Flashing with original firmware or stock ROM Grab Odin flasher and USB driver
        Odin flasher – Odin3_v1.85 or Odin3_v3.07
        USB Driver - USB Driver
        Grab your Galaxy Note original stock ROM from here. (Just make sure you download the right firmware according to your device country or network provider.
        Use PC with Windows OS (Odin will not work on Mac and Linux OSX)
        Recharge your battery using external battery charger since you can’t recharge the battery within the phone for it is already bricked.
        1. Run Odin on your PC desktop
        2. Boot the Galaxy Note into download mode screen.
        Turn it off, once completely shut down hold down the ‘HOME’ + ‘VOLUME DOWN’ buttons and press the ‘POWER’ button for about 2 seconds until a WARNING! Screen appears. Press the ‘VOLUME UP’ button to continue or enter Download Mode.
        3. Connect the phone to PC via USB. Then make sure you can see as phone “Added” in Odin log box or a highlighted COM:ID once the device is detected,
        4. In Odin window, DO Not tick ‘RE-Partition’ only Tick ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’ and nothing else.
        5. Now simply click and load the boot image N7000xxxx.tar.md5 on Odin’s PDA button.
        Here’s an example using my UK ICS 4.0.4 unbranded stock ROM:

        6. Click on “Start” to flash the stock firmware.
        7. Wait ’till it finishes flashing
        If the phone will then reboot to its normal mode then its you’re lucky day. If the bricked symptoms still persists, refer to the below method. Don’t lose hope we are not finish yet.

        Fix bricked Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) Flashing with PIT file for System Table Re-Partition and the Original stock ROM or Firmware.

        Now, if the phone still doesn’t boot to its normal mode after restoring the original stock ROM, this time we are going to flash its full packaged firmware but we need to try fixing the phone’s system memory Re-Partition table. So, we need to flash including the “PIT” file as our last attempt.
        Grab one of these Re-Partion “PIT” file
        16GB – /Q1-20110914_16GB.pit
        32GB – I do not have a 32GB Pit (If you found one, please share it to me)
        Again make sure the battery is fully charge (recharge the battery using external battery charger or borrow from your neighbors GNote)
        1. Unzipped the downloaded “Q1-20110914_16GB.pit.rar” file then run Odin again.
        2. Boot the Galaxy Note into download mode screen then connect to PC.
        3. This time load the Q1-20110914_16GB.pit Pit file on Odin’s PIT Button
        4. Load your original N7000xxxx.tar.md5 stock firmware on the Odin’s PDA button again.
        6. Click on “Start” to flash the stock firmware and PIT file., then wait.

        If the phone reboot normally, its then a success story. You may then perform factory reset if necessary, to get rid of bootloop, stuck on welcome screen logo issues.
        - Turn off the phone and set it into recovery mode
        - Press volume “volume up, home and power buttons”
        - Once in recovery mode, perform full wipe
        - Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’
        If the problem still exist, then there’s nothing I can add more but just recommend you to contact or visit your nearest service center to get it fix. By the way, I can guide you about JTAG, but it requires a heck of tearing down the phone completely, a JTAG flashing toolkit and soldering skills. So, I guess its not applicable to share to everybody,. Its a technician job already.
        So, congratulations to those who successfully fix their Galaxy note by this method and feel so sorry to those unlikely out of luck today. Next time be careful while modifying your precious Galaxy Note. Nobody stopping you from doing it, but extra precaution is much better safe than sorry.

        Semoga membantu
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